Elevate your employee experience in a Virtual Metaverse Platform

Improve your employee’s performance and engagement or oversee a smooth transition into your workspace. Edverse has a virtual office setting can be moulded to suit whatever process your organization currently needs.

Conference Room

A virtual space optimized for helping you train or address employees in batches. It’s accessible for all and cost-effective for the onboarding process.

Board Room

A smaller setting, perfect for hiring or reviewing employees in a controlled and efficient manner for your office space.

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Choose the right Enterprise Metaverse solution for your Company


Virtual Training

Train and upskill your workforce with Metaverse software and tools optimized for your custom needs.


Virtual Onboarding

Complete your hiring process and onboard new employees remotely with a virtual session at your fingertips.


Virtual Webinar

Expand your online seminars and meets into the virtual world. And change how you network or collaborate in your field.

Join the Corporate Metaverse Platform

By shifting your company’s onboarding or training processes to a virtual platform set in a Metaverse, you can deliver an experience with several benefits that are all consistent and inclusive – regardless of their location or mode of work.

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    Higher engagement rates

    with interactive elements in the virtual office

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    Accessible to all

    especially to those requiring visual or auditory support

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    Cost-effective and efficient

    with fewer in-person meets, travelling or training materials.

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Scaling traditional faults with

Virtual technology and Metaverse enterprise solutions.

First days, employee training, presentations – managing it all can be pretty tough overall. Beat the stress as you explore the right tools for online management and overcome limitations such as:

  • Low levels of engagement

    If the training material or process isn’t engaging enough, then your employees may struggle to retain information and perform poorly. But with a virtual learning platform, they can:

    Optimize their skills for work

    Stay motivated longer

    Provide meaningful feedback

  • Passive learning

    Lectures, one-sided presentations and online webinars may not be as effective in educating employees. The Metaverse fixes this by:

    Using interactive elements.

    Providing realistic models and scenarios.

    Collecting feedback and assessing data.

  • One size fits all

    In the absence of interactive elements or lack of engagement, the training process might not suit your employees’ individual needs or learning styles. This approach is balanced through the use of the following:

    Remote collaboration and tools

    E-learning modules

    Virtual mentors

Explore the Features of Edverse:
A Virtual Platform that Empowers your Workforce.

Customizable Environments

Increased Immersion

The use of digital assets, complete in a 3D environment for virtually onboarding or training your employees, increases the immersive design of hosting sessions on a metaverse platform.

3D Model Led Training

Easy to integrate

Use our virtual management tools or integrate your own learning management system to create, deliver and track the progress of your training sessions.

Real-time feedback

Reduced costs

Transitioning to virtual onboarding and training methods are cost-effective regardless of the industry. It eliminates the need for in-person training and reduces the staffing and resources required, among other needs.

Company Security

Consistent and Inclusive

A virtual onboarding process and training method adopted across the board also allows an enterprise to maintain a balanced employee experience aligned with the company’s values while being all-inclusive.

Familiar Presentation Tools

Boosts employee engagement

Instead of being stuck on square grids like in a Zoom meeting, employees can instead participate directly during training and onboarding sessions owing to digital avatars, 3d environments, spatial voice and gestures, among others.

Seamless Integration

Enhances feedback and analysis

Hosting the onboarding process or training sessions on a virtual platform allow for real-time feedback and analysis – with the data being recorded safely for the company to identify key areas where an employee can improve or receive training.

FAQs about Edverse as a Metaverse Platform

Training on a Metaverse platform like Edverse offers a range of benefits to employees and companies looking to improve performance, reduce costs and ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

Virtual onboarding refers to the initial training and introductory phase rolled out by an organization for employees who have been newly hired into the company.

A key difference that separates virtual onboarding from in-person onboarding is that the former is cost-effective and much more engaging. Plus, it is more accessible and can be useful to reach remote workers or on separate occasions.

To access the Metaverse through Edverse, all you need is a computer system with a working connection and a browser installed. It’s that simple!

Owing to the customizable features of the Metaverse software, the training and onboarding processes can see various levels of specific templates, branding, messaging, specialized modules and more – depending on the industry and experience you want it to present to your employees.

A typical training session or onboarding process at a company can see various types of options to choose from, including live courses, simulations, virtual webinars, interactive modules and more while in a 3D setting like a conference room or virtual office.

The effectiveness of hosting virtual training sessions on a Metaverse platform can be assessed by relying on feedback from your employees and by measuring metrics such as completion rate, knowledge retention, job performance, and more.