Choose Your Comfortable Setting

Unleash the power of metaverse that allows you to onboard, virtually train, and provide the benefits of virtual shared spaces to help connect across geographies

Conference Room

The perfect classroom environment to create an impact for digital onboarding

Board Room

For smaller groups, closed conversations, better conversations, and presentations.

All That You Need For Seamless

Virtual Onboarding & Training

Finding the best talent is hard enough, let us make Training them easier

  • Deliver Full Power Presentations

    Everything you need to create for interactive presentations that will get the point across & boost immersive learning

    Present slides, PDFs, videos, and documents

    Share Screen

    Interactive whiteboards

  • Bring Interactivity to the Core

    Make use of the onboarding platform to engage employees & learn about your company products with 3D views in 360° view 3D environment

    360-degree product view and interaction

    Watch products come to life

    Walk around, meet and greet in detailed customizable 3D environment

  • Measure In-Session Engagement

    Design your virtual training module to attract better attention

    Conduct Live Quizzes

    Garner Transparent Feedback

    In-session chat, raise hand, emojis and mic for better peer interaction

All The Features you Need to Make It
an Immersive Virtual Experience

Customizable Environments

Customizable Environments

Customize your 3D environments to reflect company culture and branding quickly & easily

3D Model Led Training

3D Model Led Training

Unravel your product with immersive 3D models which can be manipulated, animated, or exploded with a control dashboard

Real-time feedback

Real-time feedback & Analytics

Get data-driven insights on engagement through real-time quizzes, raising queries, & post-performance feedback, which will help measure better training ROI

Company Security

Company Security

No conversations are saved, and we conduct regular security and compliance testing. We take your security & privacy very seriously

Familiar Presentation Tools

Familiar Presentation Tools

Utilize your existing content of Slides, Videos or applications by Screen-Sharing, Chat, or any browser tools!

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Plug Edverse into your existing website or LMS with our API integration tools!

Do it all with Edverse

Whether you want to demonstrate your company culture, make connections, keep trainees engaged, or just communicate virtually, Edverse is here to make your virtual training and onboarding process effortless

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    3X Higher Attention Span

    with interactive tools

  • image

    2X Engagement rates

    with immersive experience

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    74% HR Professionals

    are most likely to recommend us


Training goals, whether remote or in-person, are Proficiency, Engagement, and Interaction.

With Edverse, overcome the complexities of Virtual Training with Realistic Environments and Interactive sessions

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Edverse is your platform for a better experience

Hundreds of leaders trust Edverse to leverage flexibility and make their virtual training coherent

FAQs on Our Virtual Conference Platform

Edverse helps trainers deliver immersive, interactive presentations with a host of tools. It helps trainees engage better using 3D models and live environments. In short, it makes training fun and engaging!

Edverse can be accessed through any laptop browser. All you need is to sign up, schedule a session and share with your trainee batch!

Traditional platforms have limitations of engagement. Something as simple as, at a time only one person can talk. In the metaverse, everything is in 3D including the audio! You can talk, walk, meet and greet. Edverse helps level up your virtual interaction and overall delivers a better experience!

To use Edverse, you need a browser as our platform is designed to deliver an amazing experience that is not as good on mobile.

To access Edverse, you just need a laptop with a browser installed. Just head over to, login, and enter the world for you to shape!

Digital transformation has sparked a workplace revolution. Companies increasingly realize the lifestyle, economic, and environmental benefits of remote work and distance learning. In a report by Gartner, 1 in 4 people across the world will spend at least an hour every day in the metaverse by 2026. The metaverse is the here and we all are here for it